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TitleModernization and Refactoring-Improving the Design of Software
SpeakerFloyd Del Muro
PresentedMarch 20, 2019
DescriptionA quick guide to Modernization and why rules applicable to refactoring are an essential strategy for success. Improving the design of software after it has been written is a common practice. Eventually the User Interface, the code and the database slowly sinks from engineering to eventually hacking. With Modernization, you can take a bad, even chaotic, design and rework it into a well-structured application. If you continue to ignore refactoring, the internal software design and the overall goal of the software tends to decay. As changes occur for short term goals, often without a full comprehension of the application, the application will lose its structure and business value. The cost to maintain and change the application becomes cost prohibitive and slow. This session will provide some guidelines to facilitate quicker and easier change in the flowing world of business and software change.
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