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TitleIBM i Box of Chocolates
SpeakerSteve Will
PresentedFebruary 19, 2020
DescriptionSteve Will is THE MAN! The Chief Architect of IBM i! What's going on in the mind of Steve Will? You need to be at LISUG this month to find out. Rather than be nailed down to a scripted presentation weeks in advance, Steve will present an unscripted, free-wheeling session on the most interesting and important topics of today. Which topics? Who knows? He's a dynamic speaker who can speak on just about anything, and just might! Perhaps a news article that morning will trigger a topic, or a new development at IBM. Whatever he decides to talk about, you can bet this will be an exciting and informative session for all levels of management and developers. You don't want to miss it! Come one, come all!
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