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SpeakerBirgitta Hauser
PresentedApril 14, 2020
DescriptionWe continue to see enhancements to the SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) with every new release of IBM i. These improvements facilitate creating and maintaining critical database objects. DDS on the other hand is stabilized. Yet we may find that many of our business applications still use DDS described files. We tend to use the excuse that DDL enhancements will not work with DDS described files. However, with reverse engineering, the SQL code for DDS described objects can be retrieved! CREATE OR REPLACE statements allow DDS described files to be converted into SQL defined database objects, while leaving programs that use these files untouched. With the CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE statement, we can manage files with fields based on field reference tables.
This session will show you how to convert DDS described files into SQL tables and SQL indexes without touching any program code. Birgitta will also be demonstrating how reference files can be used in composition with SQL tables, and how to make table modifications such as adding columns on a specific position or changing data types and lengths.
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