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TitleNew PHP Toolkit from Zend and IBM
SpeakerAlan Seiden
PresentedApril 18, 2012
DescriptionPHP developers on IBM i now have a new way to access resources such as RPG and COBOL programs, system commands, data areas, and more, using a new, free, flexible, open source toolkit, supported by Zend. With this open, transparent toolkit, the only limit is what you can dream up. Using IBM's XMLSERVICE toolkit on the back end, it's all open source, able to be kept to a very high level of quality and functionality by not only Zend and IBM, but IBM i community members who take the initiative. You will learn:
* How your older PHP applications can use the new toolkit with minimal changes, thanks to the Compatibility Wrapper (CW)
* How to optimize performance
* How to develop PHP on your laptop (Windows, Linux) or in the "cloud" and deploy to the IBM i (and other 2-tier configurations, all possible with the new toolkit)
* How to connect to IBM i through a variety of transports, including DB2, ODBC, and HTTP/CGI (no drivers needed).
* Accessing data from Lotus Domino
* Using IBM i APIs with PHP
* Security and troubleshooting
* Tips and tricks to work with your IBM i in new ways
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