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TitleApplication Modernization
SpeakerSteve Fier
PresentedApril 19, 2023
DescriptionApplication modernization on IBM i is critical to ensure that businesses can keep up with the evolving technology landscape and remain competitive. IBM i systems have been in use for decades, and many businesses rely on applications that were developed on these systems years ago. However, these applications may not be able to take advantage of the latest advances in technology or meet the changing needs of the business. By modernizing these applications, businesses can improve their efficiency, agility, and scalability, while also reducing maintenance costs and minimizing the risk of system failures. Additionally, modernization can help businesses attract and retain top talent by providing developers with the tools and platforms they need to build innovative, engaging applications that meet the needs of modern users. Come join this session to learn:
* What does application modernization mean?
* What are customers doing?
* What tooling is available?
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