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TitleAssessing your IBM i (AS/400) server security in 15 minutes
SpeakerRobin Tatam
PresentedJanuary 19, 2011
DescriptionFor the past seven years, PowerTech has compiled audit data trends from over 1,500 servers into the annual "State of IBMi Security" study. Each year, the study identifies many of the same vulnerabilities, suggesting that IBM i shops are still not where they need to be in terms of security and auditing.

Join us for this session where you'll learn how to get started auditing your IBM i server, and how PowerTech's free compliance assessment tool can perform a personalized review of your environment-in under 15 minutes!

You'll learn about auditing these critical areas:
  • System Values
  • Network Access, such as FTP and ODBC
  • User Profiles
  • Special Authorities
  • Event Auditing
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