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TitleSelecting your POWER Systems hosting environment
SpeakerLarry Bolhuis
PresentedNovember 14, 2012
DescriptionWhen virtualizaing IBM POWER Systems you have two primary choices for the hosting environment, VIOS and IBM i. Each of these offers strengths and each has some weaknesses. In this session we'll go over more than 40 comparison points putting the two hosting choices side by side. Well cover technical capabilities as well as usability and visual items. We'll look at costs and requirements for each host.
Come and select your choice for a hosting partition or confirm that you've gone down the right track.
Learning Objectives:
What requirements would lead you to select VIOS as your hosting environment What requirements would lead you to select IBM i as your hosting environment WHat are the costs or need-to-knows for each of the two hosts.
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