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TitleModernization myths: DDS, DDL and IBM i
SpeakerAlan Seiden
PresentedNovember 19, 2014
DescriptionLeaders of LISUG, prepare one of your famous custard pies. This months pre-session speaker, Alan Seiden, expert on PHP on IBM i and maven of DB2, web services and performance, is prepared to receive a pie in the face for debunking cherished beliefs about modernization. Alan will sink his teeth into a comparison of Data Definition Specification (DDS) and Data Definition Language (DDL). Yes, DDL is the modern way to create tables and indexes, with undeniable benefits, but in Alan's opinion, several myths have led to unrealistic expectations (a thin, flaky crust, you might say) about the benefits of converting from DDS to DDL. Learn the true benefits of DDL, discard half-baked beliefs, and enjoy DB2 databases that are easier to manage, perform better, and work well with established IBM i languages such as RPG and COBOL and open source languages such as PHP. Wear a bib!
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