Meeting/Membership Pricing

Effective September 1 st , 2010 , LISUG fees are as follows;

General Meeting Fees


- Member

- Non-Member

- Annual Prepay

At the Door (Cash/Check)





Advance Payment (PayPal)





Annual Membership

New LISUG Prices

Annual  Prepay

This option includes a annual LISUG Membership , prepaid attendance at 8 General Meetings and the Annual Education Day , and can be paid by cask, check, or PayPal.The savings for this option includes the $75 Membership Fee , and $25 per meeting (based on the Non-Member rate), for potential annual savings of approximately $300. This option can also be shared by different employees of the same company.


Annual Prepay fee


Annual Membership

An annual LISUG Membership represents a savings of $20 for each meeting attended. You can pay your annual membership when your register for the next meeting. For the Annual Prepay of the general meetings, the annual membership fee is inculed.