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Aaron Bartell, Senior Software Developer


Aaron Bartell is a Senior Software Developer for Krengel Technology Inc. Aaron focuses much of his development in the area of creating modern applications using RPG and Java on the IBM i and Android platforms. He is the lead developer of RPG-XML Suite (www.rpg-xml.com) and the primary "pusher" of OpenRPGUI.com. He enjoys being part of the strong IBM i community through forum participation, article writing and providing open source software on his personal website - http://MowYourLawn.com.

Aaron has most recently been pursuing how he can use his abilities to benefit those in need. He started the site www.SofwareSavesLives.com as a mechanism to raise money for digging clean water wells in Africa and feeding starving children. Aaron lives with his wife and five children in southern Minnesota and enjoys playing electric and bass guitar with the band he is in, Scattered Showers (www.ScatteredShowersMusic.com)

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