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Scott Klement, Product Developer

BioScott Klement, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is an American computer scientist, author, and speaker recognized as a top evangelist for IBM i on IBM Power Systems computers. For twenty-eight years, Scott served as the IT Director of family owned Klement's Sausage, which was sold to Altamont Capital Partners in 2014. In 2012 he left to work for Profound Logic Corporation. Scott is a member of the Strategic Education Team (SET) and a Subject Matter Expert (SME) at COMMON, the largest association of users of IBM compatible technology in the world. He has developed numerous frameworks and other open-source development tools, often works that make other technology accessible to the IBM i technology directly from RPG. Many developments by others, including Thomas Raddatz as well as IBM itself, make use of Klement's software in products of their own. His work in developing tools which open the i is widely quoted by others, including sockets and other tools in the book Hacking iSeries, and UNIXCMD, which allows PHP to access UNIX commands from a script. In addition, Klement was a frequent contributor to various Penton Media trade magazines.
CompanyProfound Logic Software, Inc.
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