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Meeting Date
Wednesday, April 13, 2022

at the Virtual, room
in Westbury, Long Island

The Presession starts at 5pm
The Networking and Cocktail hour starts at 6pm

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7:00pm: Service Programs and Unit Testing - The Perfect Pair

marina Schwenk

Presentation Description

Do you have monolithic programs that you have to start breaking up into manageable pieces? Have you been tasked to start unit testing and don't know where to start? This session is meant for you! We will work through the benefits to modernizing your code and why you want to adopt unit testing. We will work through breaking apart monolithic programs and how to write their respective unit tests. We will discuss some best practices in unit testing and how you can take some of those best practices and apply them to your everyday development processes.

About marina Schwenk

Marina works as a developer in both RPG and Java and is one of two IBM i admins at Everbrite in Greenfield WI. She currently serves as the vice president for the Wisconsin Midrange Computer Professional Association (WMCPA) users group, a member of COMMON'S New to IBM i (N2i) committee, a COMMON board member, and a member of COMMON America Advisory Council (CAAC). Marina is also a private tutor in English and Programming for students at an associates or bachelor?s degree level, a public speaker on topics ranging from RPG and SQL standards to unit testing, an IBM fresh face for 2019, and co-author of two native RPG open source projects, logging in RPG and IBMiUnit, an RPG unit testing framework.