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Meeting Date
Wednesday, September 28, 2022

at the Westbury Manor, room
in Westbury, Long Island

The Presession starts at 5pm
The Networking and Cocktail hour starts at 6pm

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5:00pm: Partitioned Tables in IBM i

Sven Jansson

Presentation Description

Did you know that partitioned table functionality is now included in IBM I 7.5? Attend and learn what partitioned tables are and the benefits of using them to organize your data. Special Guest Sven Jansson from COMMON Sweden will discuss how they work and how he implemented them for a large bank. Q&A will follow a live demo.

About Sven Jansson

Sven, who is a DBE and senior application architect, has nearly 30 years of experience working in fintech on the IBM i. He is currently a senior application architect at SEB. Sven serves as a board member of Common Sweden and is a respected speaker and educator in the global COMMON community. In his free time, he enjoys scuba diving and sailing.

8:00pm: DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines in the IBM i World

Donna Westmoreland
Midrange Dynamics North America

Presentation Description

Join us to learn about techniques and tools that we and our customers use to innovate in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. DevOps empowers modern development teams to deal with constant change, while improving quality and reducing downtime. We give you a practical look at what DevOps is and how it maps to IBM i, demystifying the concepts and cutting back on hype.

About Donna Westmoreland

Donna is the CTO for Midrange Dynamics North America and has over 25 years' experience with IBM midrange systems and supporting consistent software change methodologies. Experience gained from leading major projects, including application modernization, at hundreds of corporations has given her a well-rounded view of development needs, audit requirements, and testing principles.