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Meeting Date
Wednesday, March 22, 2023

at the Westbury Manor, room
in Westbury, Long Island

The Networking and Cocktail hour starts at 6pm

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5:00pm: Intro to Git and Github w/ Live Demo

John Lynch
P.C. Richard and Son, Inc.

Presentation Description

Learn the basics of Git and Github from both the command line and VS Code and laugh at your presenter while he fumbles through a live demo.

About John Lynch

John started working for P.C. Richard & Son as a Stock Associate to help pay for books, beer and grease truck sandwiches while studying at Rutgers College of Engineering. 18 years later he still works for P.C. Richard & Son but as a Computer Programmer and Project Manager. Outside of work his hobbies include music, 3D Printing, cooking, and fermenting stuff.

8:00pm: IBM i security "inside the firewall"

Justin Loeber
Kisco Systems

Presentation Description

Security is too often viewed as an "IT problem" that should be left to the IT department. Specifically, the "firewall guys." Assuming the IBM i is safe just because it's behind a corporate firewall ignores the many risks that are alive and well inside the network. So let's change the language. Instead of "security" let's talk about "data protection" and "business continuity." In this session we'll discuss what this means for developers, data owners and administrators. Specifically:
- Best practices when sharing the IFS in an application workflow
- Dealing with the proliferation of ad-hoc ODBC and SQL query tools
- Monitoring for CPU load, disk space and more

About Justin Loeber

Justin is the owner and CEO of Kisco Systems, a developer of IBM i security and compliance software. Kisco's mission is to secure every IBM i by helping to educate the IBM i community about security, continuously improving its products and delivering the best value in the market. Justin has been around the IBM midrange world since his father founded Kisco Systems in 1984. After a career in web applications and IT leadership, including several CIO roles, Justin joined Kisco in 2021 to refocus the company exclusively on IBM i security.