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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Come join us!

at the Fox Hollow Inn and Conference Center, Briar Fox room
in Westbury, Long Island

The Networking and Cocktail hour starts at 6pm

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5:00pm: Journal Forensics

Steve Wolk
PC Richard & Son

Presentation Description

Many shops make use of journaling but may not be familiar with how to dump and read the journal to research the cause of a database problem, and determine the who, where, when, and sometimes even why. This presentation will focus on how to extract the appropriate information from the journals using Steve’s DMPJRN & CVTJRNDTA commands which automate much of the process. These utilities will be made freely available to download. The presentation will conclude with a demonstration of interpreting journal output using a practical and entertaining example.

About Steve Wolk

Steven Wolk is the Chief Technology Officer for PC Richard & Son, a family owned and operated chain of 66 appliance and electronics superstores located throughout NY, NJ, CT, and PA. Founded in 1909, PC Richard has always been known for honesty, integrity, and reliability throughout it's over 103 year history. As CTO, he considers himself very fortunate to lead a large in-house team of very talented software developers. Together, they bring their combined extensive retail experience to bear in the application of new technologies to improve business processes and efficiency to create a competitive advantage for this unique company. Steve enjoys speaking at conferences and events, and is proud to be a member of Toastmasters International.

7:00pm: An engaging interactive discussion is planned.

Trevor Perry
Fresche Legacy

Presentation Description

An engaging interactive discussion is planned.

About Trevor Perry

Trevor Perry is a veteran of the IBM i community. He is a consultant to companies on their I.T. modernization efforts, and has been engaged in all phases of the IT development cycle. He is a popular speaker at industry events on technical, strategic, modernization and motivational topics and is a regular keynote at conferences around the world. Trevor won an IBM/COMMON innovation award for his community efforts, occasionally blogs at, was the creator of the only ever cartoon for IBM i, and provides marketing encouragement for the community everywhere. His passion for changing the world for the better has not been tamed and his storytelling skills can be found in his first book Never Iron When You Are Naked?. Trevor is working on his next book You Are Extraordinary?, while he continues to find new ways to stir the passion of the IBM i community.

8:00pm: A Programmer’s Future – looking back in time to see the future

Pete Massiello
iTech Solutions

Presentation Description

This session looks back at the history of programming and computing. We examine the skill set that programmers required in the past, the skills of programmers entering the market today, and the requirements for existing programmers to enable them to compete in the future. If you don't invest in yourself, your skills don't simply remain static, they actually slowly deteriorate compared to the market. We are taking a light hearted look at what we need to do with our careers to compete and excel in today’s market.

About Pete Massiello

Pete Massiello has been working with the AS/400, iSeries, and IBM i since 1989, focusing on systems management and technical support. He is the President of iTech Solutions Group, an IBM Premier Business Partner delivering solutions and services to IBM i shops throughout the world. He is a member of IBMs certification test-writing team, an IBM Certified Systems Expert with certifications in IBM i design, administration, LPAR, virtualization, implementation, and HMC management. He was President of COMMON from 2010 to 2012, and again in 2014. He is a COMMON Hall of Fame speaker and a frequent speaker at user groups all over the world. In 2011, IBM established the Champions award for Power Systems, and Pete was one of the first recipients. In 2018, Pete was recognized as the first Lifetime IBM Power Systems Champion.