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Titlei Know Where i is Going, Do You?
SpeakerAlison Butterill
PresentedApril 24, 2019
DescriptionIBM i is uniquely positioned to support modern environments and modern technologies, allowing clients to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in their business. IBM is continually adding new capabilities to the Operating System and other portfolio products. These enhancements increase the core characteristics about IBM i as well as extending their value to your business. As we discovered during the 30th Anniversary Celebrations, we are not the only ones doing innovative work with IBM i, so are our clients. The integration, reliability and availability of IBM i make it the perfect launching pad for developing and integrating the latest in Cognitive, mobile and more. IBM i, with its integrated database, linkages to the latest programming languages, and connections to the very latest cognitive applications is more relevant to your business than ever before.
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