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TitleModern CL Programming
SpeakerLarry Bolhuis
PresentedNovember 20, 2019
DescriptionSession Abstract:
Think CL has been ignored by IBM? Nothing could be further from the truth! Come to this session to get a detailed look at the enhancements brought to the CL language over the past few releases.
See examples of the new functions like DOFOR, DOWHILE, DOUNTIL and SELECT, and how they allow programming CL in a much more structured format.
Learn about the many new process flow options and variable types in the CL language such as integer, signed integer, and pointer variables and how to use them.
Get tips on how to simplify the compiling of CL programs and command objects.
Find out how to provide direct feedback to IBM on your needs for the CL language -- they want to know if these changes are helping you and what to enhance next.
Learning Objectives:
What IBM has added to the language in the last several releases.
How to leverage some of these enhancements to better access user spaces and APIs
What IBM has added to Command objects in recent releases.
IBM i Developers and System Administrators.
This session is intermediate to advanced.
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