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TitleData Centric - Moving Business Logic into the Database
SpeakerBirgitta Hauser
PresentedMay 18, 2022
DescriptionWhen talking about application modernization database most think about converting from DDS to DDL and redesigning the database and yes, this might be the final goal. But there is much more! We have to move from an application-centric thinking to a data centric thinking. In short, instead of coding everything in whatever programming language, we should move as much business logic as possible into the database. It may even include foreign data that is provided and accessed by Web-Services. But what does that mean? At first, using encapsulated (complex) SQL Statements wrapped in SQL Views or User Defined Table Functions, externalizing Data Access, adding constraints and triggers, Row And Column Access Control (RCAC). With all these techniques we cannot only reduce our source code to a minimum but also secure our data!
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