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Trevor Perry, Modernization Strategist

BioTrevor Perry is a veteran of the IBM i community. He is a consultant to companies on their I.T. modernization efforts, and has been engaged in all phases of the IT development cycle. He is a popular speaker at industry events on technical, strategic, modernization and motivational topics and is a regular keynote at conferences around the world. Trevor won an IBM/COMMON innovation award for his community efforts, occasionally blogs at angustheitchap.com, was the creator of the only ever cartoon for IBM i, and provides marketing encouragement for the community everywhere. His passion for changing the world for the better has not been tamed and his storytelling skills can be found in his first book Never Iron When You Are Naked?. Trevor is working on his next book You Are Extraordinary?, while he continues to find new ways to stir the passion of the IBM i community.
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