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Meeting Information

LISUG Meeting Information

Our October meeting:
October 18, 2023

Cocktail and Networking
Hour starts at 6:00pm
Followed by LISUG Q&A
Session and Dinner (7:00pm)

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Meeting Location

The Westbury Manor is located at 1100 Jericho Turnpike Westbury, NY 11590. (see map at bottom).  Their telephone number is (516) 333-7117.  
Please note: the restaurant does NOT take reservations for the LISUG meeting.

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Meeting Prices

Meeting Prices

General Meeting Fees


- Member

- Non-Member

- Annual Prepay

At the Door (Cash/Check)





Advance Payment (PayPal)





Annual Membership

Annual  Prepay

This option includes a annual LISUG Membership , prepaid attendance at 8 General Meetings and the Annual Education Day , and can be paid by cask, check, or PayPal.The savings for this option includes the $75 Membership Fee , and $25 per meeting (based on the Non-Member rate), for potential annual savings of approximately $300. This option can also be shared by different employees of the same company.

Annual Membership

An annual LISUG Membership represents a savings of $20 for each meeting attended and includes the members-only participation in LISUG's group memberships in LISTnet and COMMON.

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Registration information

Registration link is not currently available, Please try later

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Effective September 2013 LISUG has decided to revert back to an annual membership Starting in September. If you have been part of the "rolling 12 month membership" or you would like to join LISUG in a month other than September, your annual membership cost will be the following:

  September $75 (Save $105)  
  October $70 (Save $90)  
  November $65 (Save $75)  
  December $60 (Save $60)  
  January $55 (Save $45)  
  February $50 (Save $30)  
  March $45 (Save $15)  
  April $40 (Break Even)  
  May $75, with membership through to the following August  

Note: Savings are based upon attending all of the remaining meetings at renewal time.
We have also changed the new and renewing Membership process. It is now simply an option on the Registration Page for each meeting.
Here is a summary of current LISUG Membership benefits:

Annual Pre-pay Members (who save $300 per year) will continue to receive their membership free as part of the Annual Pre-pay package

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Technical Tips
The REXX Calculator Pre-Loaded Loops The Source Debugger - A Technical Tip Three AS/400 Technologies vs. One Problem Configuring PASSTHRU with a LAN How To Retrieve Your CL Program's Name AND Library (ILE) Testing for Omitted Parameters How To Sort a Data Structure on One or more Subfields (in memory) The new GUI iSeries debugger How to prevent iSeries Access Emulator from disconnecting when used remotely Displaying the attribute characters on your Green Screen Case-Insensitive Programming Debugging in 132-column mode Summary Files Using SQL iSeries Navigator Does SQL and More Allow a User without *ALLOBJ Special Authority to View a User's Active Job Log That Does Have *ALLOBJ Special Authority My Favorite BIF (Built-In Function):  %dec

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About Us

About Us

LISUG (the Long Island Systems Users Group) was originally formed in 1984.  Started originally as the Long Island System/38 Users group by a number of System/38 users and with IBM's help, it has become one of the largest and most technical user groups in the country.  When IBM announced the AS/400, LISUG decided to drop its System/38 name to become the Long Island Systems Users Group, now chartered to advance the knowledge of all computer users on all platforms.

LISUG hosts dinner meetings at the Fox Hollow Inn in Woodbury, NY (call (516) 921-1415 for directions) usually on the third Wednesday of each month September through June (no meetings held during July and August unless a special meeting is convened by the Board of Directors).  The meetings begin at 6 PM and end about 9:30 PM. The format of the meeting is a cocktail hour from 6 - 7 PM, with scrumptious hors d'oeuvres and open bar (use this time to network with your peers), followed by a sit down dinner beginning at 7 PM (during dinner we have a Q/A session that is most interesting), sometimes we are treated to a wonderful buffet!  The balance of the meeting (usually 8 PM - 9:30 PM) our speaker gives his/her presentation (stay after the presentation and quiz the people that are developing the latest hardware and software technologies!).  LISUG attracts some of the industry's top speakers, including folks from IBM Rochester and Toronto labs.

Reservations for the dinner meeting are not required, but are appreciated.  To make your reservation, please click on the meeting registration link.

You do not need to join LISUG to attend its meetings, however, there is a monetary incentive to do so!  You can save up to $100.00 as a member attending all 10 meetings.  Members pay $65.00 a meeting whereas non-members pay $85.00 (saving $180.00).  You can save an additional $50.00 annually if you pre-pay your meeting fees.  Members also benefit because LISUG is a member of the national IBM user group COMMON, so if your organization is not a member of COMMON but do attend its conferences this can save your company hundreds of dollars on COMMON registration fees.

So! Check us out, come to a meeting, query our Directors and Officers, question the expert speakers, save time and money while advancing your knowledge and career!!


Should you need to send mail to LISUG please use the following address:
57 Ira Road - Suite 101
Syosset NY 11791-3504

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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics
  1. There Shall be No Vendor Initiated Sales Contacts with Attendees at USERS GROUP Meetings.
  2. There Shall be No Vendor Displays at Meetings Unless Approved by the Board of Directors in Advance.
  3. There Shall be No Vendor Sales Presentations Initiated at Any Regularly Scheduled Meetings Unless Approved by the Board of Directors in Advance.
  4. Sales Notices of Any Type are Not to be Placed on Bulletins Boards, Left on Tables, or Made Publicly Available.
  5. Offers of Employment are Not to be Made at Any Time at Meetings.

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Board of Directors

LISUG Officers
Mike Jacobs 646-872-3863

Chris Gomez ,

Executive Vice President
Anne Schnarwyler-Cognato 631-436-6558

Vice President
Allen Brunette .

Mark Giordano 516-326-1350

Don Johnston 516-236-5441

LISUG Board of Directors
Alan Baisch

Allen Brunette

Charles Kaplan

Perry Molina

Steve Wolk

Full Web Site

Full Web Site Web Site

Welcome to LISUG

IBM i for Business
Welcome to the
Long Island System User's Group.
We are an organization dedicated to the education of system professionals that utilize the IBM power platform including AS/400, iSeries, and System i. Our meetings are held once a month (with the exception of June, July and August). The meeting format usually consists of a pre-meeting followed by a cocktail hour, which is then followed by dinner and the main presentation. In the month of May we usually hold our May Education day in which the format is different. Our wide variety of speakers and members provide for a very interesting and knowledgeable experience. Should you have any questions, you may contact one of our organizations directors or board members who can assist you.

Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to becoming a member of LISUG. These benefits include the following.

Meeting Dates

<<< LISUG Meeting Dates 2023 >>>
General Speaker Topic Board
01-18-2023Alan Seiden/
Alan Seiden
What's new and exciting in PHP for 2023
Web and API Language Shootout
02-22-2023Pete Massiello/
Pete Massiello
Can your IBM i recover from a disaster
New Navigator for I
03-22-2023John Lynch/
Justin Loeber
Intro to Git and Github w/ Live Demo
IBM i security "inside the firewall"
04-19-2023Steve Fier/
Steve Fier
Application Modernization
IBM i Lifecycle and 7.5
05-24-2023Scott Klement/
Scott Klement/
Scott Klement
Accessing External Databases from RPG
Options for Consuming REST APIs from RPG
Providing Web Services on IBM i